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You will hardly find anyone in Bengal, who does not enjoy visiting Shantiniketan.
The natural beauty of the brick-red roads, listening to the bauls singing on the banks of river Kopai, dancing to the tunes of the Santhals, playing dhamsa-madol at the Sonajhuri market place attracts the people to visit it.
Sipping the simmering hot tea in kulhars while sitting on the bamboo benches beside Khowai has a charm of its own
But after this, Bengalis need to satisfy their appetence and here comes ‘NOLA’ to serve you at your hotel, guest house or home in Shanitiniketan, Bolpur with its platter of tasty and delicious munches, brunches and meals.
Starting from breakfast to lunch, snacks and dinner – the quality and taste of the dishes will surely leave you asking for more of it.
You may feast on our delicacies just cooked and ready to serve at your doorsteps

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